Preparing for Your Neurological Appointment

Obtaining a comprehensive neurological exam

Upon entering our office our clinical team will welcome you.  Dr. Linda Pao and the clinical team will provide you with the necessary intake paperwork and a copy of the information you have already filled out online to review. If you have not yet filled out forms please arrive about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time or download the forms on from the website. This information will include your previous and current medical history, current symptoms and concerns, and medication list. You will also be required to provide your insurance cards and proof of identity at the time of check in. Previous evaluations including lab work and radiological reports should be given to the receptionist at this time so it may be reviewed by the nurse and doctor prior to your consultation.

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Face to Face Consultation

Next you will have an evaluation by our nurse. The nurse will review your medical history and medications with you.  She will document your concerns and symptoms for the consultation. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes,  depending on how extensive your complex medical history is.  Then Dr. Linda Pao will spend time to evaluate your neurological concerns by taking a full neurological history and neurological examination.

At the conclusion of the consultation, Dr. Linda Pao will spend time discussing the diagnosis. If the diagnosis is unclear, she will discuss further testing and the differential diagnosis. If the diagnosis has been made then it may include confirmation of the diagnosis, lifestyle changes, management, medication education, nutrition, prevention, and prognosis. A thorough consultation with Dr. Linda Pao includes discussing all concerns, coordination of care with other physicians and planning health goals. This initial visit is designed specifically for the individual patient. Dr. Linda Pao believes in patient education and ensuring that patients and their families have a better understanding of disease management processes and maximizing quality of life.   She expects her patients to have an understanding of their disease, medications, and has a health care plan. She believes that all patients need to be proactive in their health care journey.

What do I need to bring for my first medical visit?

At Linda Pao, M.D. PA, we want to make sure patients have a seamless experience.  All patients are required to bring proof of identity and insurance cards.  It is best to bring these items to all your medical visits with us.  Another important item to bring with you is a list of all your medications. If you have had lab work or imaging previously, please bring the reports and the images copied on CD or hard copy films. Be sure to contact the imaging center that your images were performed at to obtain a copy.  It is best to hand carry these items to the appointment, as items may be lost in the mail or the office.