Timely Neurological Second Opinion

If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with a complexed neurological disorder or need assistance with diagnosis of neurological symptoms, a second opinion may be warranted. Selecting the right neurologist for a second opinion is important in order for you to understand your health care options.  A board certified neurologist such as Dr. Linda Pao of Jupiter, Florida can provide assistance with a second opinion.  Patients and family members alike throughout the Southeastern United States and Florida have reached out to Dr. Linda Pao for a better understanding of their disease and to maximize their quality of life.

Comprehensive Neurological Evaluation – What to Expect During a Second Opinion Medical Consultation

Dr. Linda Pao specializes in comprehensive neurological evaluations.  She allots ample time for each patient appointment to discuss symptoms and addresses your concerns.  During the comprehensive neurological evaluation, patients can expect a complete review of  your previous evaluations.  Past medical history  including blood work, MRI, CT scans, EEG, and EMG are discussed in-depth.

One on One Neurological Medical History Review

Dr. Linda Pao will provide a full neurological examination. Then, she will be able to discuss issues and concerns with the patient. She will provide a comprehensive evaluation and coordinate your care with other health care providers.

All patients are expected to bring previous records including images of MRI/CT, and Ultrasound for review. Patients should expect to spend at least 60 minutes in the office. A follow up visit will be scheduled to review tests and answer any further questions.

Discussing the Second Opinion Medical Review with Other Neurologists

Dr. Linda Pao also believes in coordinating care with other neurologists. She will be happy to discuss your care with your neurologist. She may also refer your care to tertiary care center or university for further testing. She works with many neurologists in the Florida area and, as well as, the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.